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The Initiative for National Security and Human Rights (INSHR)

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When fears over national and personal security arise and are not properly addressed by leaders, many people, even mainstream in orientation, shift their support to extremism - Israel is a blatant case in point. To counter such dangerous developments the Initiative for National Security and Human Rights (INSHR) - part of the Israeli Alliance NGO - is reframing the language of peace and human rights to also include major consideration and answers regarding fears over security, and promoting the massive strand of professional knowledge demonstrating that human rights contribute to national security. Such an endeavor can help in overcoming the barriers for promoting Palestinians rights, can mitigate radicalization tendencies at both the Israeli and the Palestinian public and can help in promoting the conditions facilitating peace. INSHR is a collaboration of civil society organizations, former senior officeholders in various security forces and intelligence agencies (among which is Ret. Maj. Gen. Amiram Levin, former Deputy Director of the Mossad), scholars in the fields of terrorism, political violence and related fields and human rights experts. INSHR works amid decision makers, influencers, educators, young people and among the Israeli public at large; it works by means of research, advocacy, education and public campaigns. Help us in promoting the cause!

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