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This is our time, the citizens of Israel, to take responsibility for our future and the future of our children, to influence the issues that matter most and shape our lives. We deserve to evolve, to be optimistic and to know that our country understands us and supports our lives instead of restricting them. We give all that we have: we work hard, study and raise families in our beloved country despite the difficult conditions and restrictions. Now, more than ever, we have the power.


The Alliance formed in 2017, with the understanding that the real change in our society would come from cooperation across communities and sectors for a common cause. The aim is to provide all of us with tools and resources to better understand which issues affect us the most, in order to foster and create change in all areas of life. Understanding that all of us together have a shared responsibility and the ability to influence is our top mission.

The Israeli Alliance activity is funded by donations from thousands of Israelis that join together to support their most important issues, and also by donations from Israelis and Jewish communities around the world.

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